Limited Supply
Estoque Limitado
Beperkt aanbod
L'offre est limitée
Fornitura limitata

Smart FOMO

A tag you can add to any product that will indicate when there’s a limited supply due to a high volume of sales.

Popular use cases

On product

Inside the cart page
or cart modal

On product listing

The value it delivers

Increases conversion rates by conveying both scarcity and urgency, two factors that are highly effective at overcoming buyer hesitation.
Conversion rate

How it works

Smart FOMO is powered by DataMilk’s real-time data pipelines. With no extra work from your team, we’re able to track how products are selling and use AOV to determine the most valuable items in your catalog.

We mark up roughly 20–30% of products with a Smart FOMO tag. You can freely customize the text of the tags, as well as the look and feel.

Collect and use 10X more data from your UX

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