Smart Button

Dynamic buttons and links that update their CSS styling and text to provide the right CTA for each customer and each session.

Provide alternate CTAs

Shop new arrivals
Shop now

Hero section

Buy it now
Add to Cart

Add To Cart

Submit Order
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The value it delivers

Delivers the right message at the right time, so you can create eye-catching urgency when the user is ready to buy, and get out of the way when they’re just browsing.
Conversion rate

How it works

Smart Button is powered by DataMilk’s ranking models. We maximize expected profit for each session given the user’s browsing history on the site and other available signals, ranging from device and connectivity to UTM source and referrer in addition to taking into account the UX such as original order of items and element design prominence. This creates a unique ranking for each user that’s aware of the UI of the ranked elements.
User A
User B

We make it easier to buy from our customers’ stores

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