transparent pricing

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Per 1,000 Sessions
Usage-based pricing controlled from your dashboard

Earn discounts

Earn further discounts for committing to volumes of sessions
over a 1-3 year period

How it works

Simple with only paying for what sessions we process without any long term contracts

1. Get started

You get a 60 day trial and if you don't like the ROI you can walk away without paying a dime
We don't charge for bots and crawlers and testing services only real traffic

2. Earn discounts

Once you understand the business value you can earn further discounts for committing to process larger volumes of sessions over a 1-3 year period

Progressive discount

The discount grows with the number of sessions you commit to process over a 1-3 year period. We offer further discounts on upfront payments of annual commitments
* Usage above commitment billed at list price
** Usage below commitment results in charge of unpaid sessions at discounted price on an annual basis
Committed Sessions
Sessions Discount
Paid upfront discount
0 - 10 M
10 M - 50 M
50 M - 100 M
100 M - 250 M
250 M - 500 M
500 M - 750 M
750 M - 1 B
1 B +
Daniel Small
Head Of Marketing at Culture Kings
“While we have a long term CRO strategy we could use more resources to execute on all of it. Since DataMilk is fully automated it supplements our team’s efforts while still driving us towards our annual revenue objectives.”
Steve Griffiths
Head Of Digital Development, Revolution Beauty
“We already used a number of tools to personalize and improve our store’s experience. DataMilk drives strong additional value with almost no upfront work and 0 ongoing effort.”
Michelle Wenke
CEO, Monrow
“With CPMs and advertising costs rising at a crazy pace we felt it would be irresponsible not to try DataMilk given the ROIs they were projecting. They beat our expectations on performance and the level of automation is unparalleled.”

What you get

AI Cloud Infrastructure and Customer Success Team
AI-Powered Cloud Platform
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Integration and Implementation Support
Lightning-Fast Infrastructure
Global Support
All Smart Components
Analytics + UX Performance Mgmt
24 hour Service Level Agreement
Zero technical risk due to async script

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