Case study

Furniture Company Gains 20% Revenue Uplift in 90 Days With DataMilk

Optimization period: First 90 days with DataMilk
Tok&Stok Studio Shopping Cidade São Paulo,

Tok&Stok is a specialty Brazilian furniture and home decor company with a mission to make good design accessible. Founded in 1978 and acquired by the Carlyle Group in 2012, they have 35 stores in 12 states across Brazil with excellent brand recognition and market positioning that has fueled continuous growth.

The challenge
Add e-commerce optimizations rapidly for mobile & desktop

Given the competitive e-commerce landscape, Tok&Stok was eager to stay at the top of the market by innovating on their store UX. They wanted to quickly add many optimizations across mobile and desktop to give shoppers a unique, personalized experience when exploring a large catalog of furniture and home goods. However, building these kinds of optimizations from scratch would take significant data engineering, frontend engineering, design, and product resources.

The solution
Incorporate many ready-to-use DataMilk Smart Components into their store immediately

Tok&Stok decided to use DataMilk’s platform to add Smart Components to their store, since these UX optimizations wouldn’t require work to set up or maintain. They just needed to decide where to put the optimizations on their site. Since DataMilk’s Smart Components automatically work with both mobile and desktop, Tok&Stok could easily upgrade their store with personalized experiences that are consistent across all surfaces with Smart Navigation ,Smart Fomo, Smart Hide, and more.

The results

Over just the first 90 days with DataMilk, Tok&Stok’s results have already been incredible. The cumulative conversion uplift was +19%, the cumulative revenue uplift was +20%, and Tok&Stok’s ROI for the optimizations was 16X.

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