Case study

$200M Beauty Business Sees +8% in Revenue Growth with Intent Prediction-Based Optimization

Conversion Rate
Gross Profit
Optimization Period: Last 120 Days
Image: Revolution Beauty, LinkedIn

The British-based Revolution Beauty is known as the world’s biggest player in the fast beauty space. Specializing in quality, cruelty-free makeup and skincare at an accessible price point, they’re carried by major retailers (such as Walgreens) in over 60 countries worldwide. In February 2022, they posted a yearly revenue of 194M pounds. Revolution Beauty’s e-commerce presence is critical to their bottom line. Gen-Z customers often discover the brand when products go viral on Instagram and TikTok.

The challenge
Show significant growth in conversion and deliver better experiences for the customers.

Revolution Beauty are actively using other add-ons and apps for CRO, but the optimizations are often missing product logic, and the team often doubts that they actually affect sales in the right way.  For instance, one vendor provided product tags to automatically drive purchases but there was no organization to the tags, which would appear at random on collection pages. “I’m not sure whether it helps conversion or just makes them change direction,” said Steve Griffiths, Head of Digital Development. Also, sometimes messages didn’t fit with the industry—a tag saying “4 sold in 48 hours” is more likely to scare off customers rather than entice them.

Besides, Revolution Beauty is not seeing the uplift that they want. The team has great attention to the customer journey, so they were very much concerned with throwing a lot of disconnected components at a site, which can annoy customers and even negatively affect conversion. Instead, they are looking for a solution where all features come together to create a better user experience that drives sales.

The solution
DataMilk predicts each particular user’s intent and delivers the best experience for them.

DataMilk Smart UX Components show up only when the data indicates that they will drive sales. DataMilk looks at what are the highest expected conversion rate products, and tags those products on collection pages.

DataMilk has various UX components that replace each other depending on the predictions of the client’s needs at the moment. Discover More and Related Searches function in this way. Either component can emerge when the customer has been scrolling for a long period of time: Related Searches if they are likely looking for something specific, and Discover More if they want to be inspired. Because these components are intelligently based on the customer’s individual needs, they’re more interesting and delightful than a simple static product recommendation component. And they’re less likely to be overlooked, as happens when we see the same thing over and over.

The results

With the intent prediction-based approach, Revolution Beauty has seen a solid 8% growth in conversion rate over a 120-day reporting period. Their e-commerce business also showed a +8% in revenue and +6% in gross profit due to DataMilk's algorithms that optimize for profit and maximize revenue from each customer. With DataMilk Smart UX Components rolled out to their entire site (average of 2.5M visitors per month), these results remained consistent throughout the whole period. “We already used a number of tools to personalize and improve our store’s experience. DataMilk drives strong additional value with almost no upfront work and 0 ongoing effort,” said Revolution Beauty’s Head Of Digital Development, Steve Griffiths.

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