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Luxe-Leisure Clothing Brand Increases Profit by 9% While Preserving Minimalist Style

Gross Profit
Conversion Rate
Monrow Pop-Up Shop,

Monrow is a lifestyle clothing brand known for its contemporary styles and proprietary supersoft fabric. Based in Los Angeles, they have many celebrity fans, including Beyoncé. Their products are available in more than 500 department stores and boutiques, and they run an e-commerce store with a clean minimalist design.

To grow their business, Monrow is consistently looking for opportunities to increase their online conversions, whether through advertising or by making users on the site more likely to complete the transaction. By using DataMilk, they were able to increase their profit substantially without spending much time on the optimization process.

The Challenge
Monrow wanted to increase the AOV per user without cluttering the page and detracting from their clean aesthetic

Similar to many other retailers, Monrow wants to focus on every stage of the sales funnel. However, they are very cautious with the amount of marketing they do, especially in-store, as they want to maintain the minimalist aesthetic of the brand and preserve the shopper experience.

For their online platform, they wanted to see how DataMilk could optimize their conversions for users who have added an item to the cart, thereby leading to more purchases. There weren’t many ways that they could organically optimize their flow, so they were interested in adding custom UI components to increase the AOV per user.

The Solution
DataMilk fits into Monrow’s high-end design with Smart Components that only show when relevant

Monrow integrated several different components into both their web and mobile sites after an extensive testing process. One of them is Smart Social Proof, which is a way to show how many people have recently purchased or viewed a product. This makes shoppers more likely to convert as they see others’ interest. They also added Smart FOMO to their site, which is a tag that shows there is a limited number of the product still available when sales volume is high. This increases the urgency for a user to purchase the product before it sells out.

DataMilk was a good fit for Monrow, because it shows components only where they are relevant to the user journey, avoiding an overwhelming or cluttered UX. By comparing against the baseline without Smart Components (e.g. on the cart page UI), Monrow used a data-driven approach to confirm that the optimizations were boosting conversions. As they saw promising data from their testing, they quickly increased the number of Smart Components on their site.

Smart FOMO
Smart Social Proof
Smart FOMO
Smart Emphasize
Smart Social Proof

The Results

Monrow has been using DataMilk for over a year. Over that period, they have increased their conversion rate by +10%, revenue by +8%, and gross profit by +9%.

Michelle Wenke, the CEO of Monrow, said: “With CPMs and advertising costs rising at a crazy pace we felt it would be irresponsible not to try DataMilk given the ROIs they were projecting. They beat our expectations on performance and the level of automation is unparalleled.”

If you’re interested in an easy way to optimize your site for conversions using predictive data, check out DataMilk and schedule a demo today.

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