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Culture Kings Increases Gross Profit by 7% Using DataMilk

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Optimization period: Last 90 Days
Culture Kings Melbourne opening,

Culture Kings is a streetwear clothing and accessories retailer based in Australia. In addition to eight physical stores, they have a large online presence that generates upwards of 245,000 visits per day across three domains: Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. The company sells online in three currencies, and at least 60% of Culture Kings’ revenue comes from e-commerce.

Culture Kings was eager for new features that could drive profit growth, letting them stay ahead of the competition by offering a better user experience. DataMilk delivered these features with a simple integration and no extra resources required.

Increase e-commerce performance to add to the company's 30–50% annual growth objective

As a company with a strong product and engineering culture, Culture Kings runs multiple A/B tests for design elements to grow their site’s performance and has worked with various SaaS solutions for product search and discovery. However, “A/B testing was a very manual process,” said Culture Kings' Lead e-Commerce Developer, Steve Jiang. He described it as swapping images and text and measuring the delta. He was excited about a solution that would automate their UX optimization process and allow them to go deeper and optimize their customer experience in real-time to fit with each user’s intent at any given moment.

Ideation and the proof-of-concept cycle were additional pain points, as results are needed today and the process for developing a new optimization could take a month or more without any guaranteed positive impact.

Self-driving UX optimization with AI-powered Smart UX Components to increase profits

Culture Kings appreciated DataMilk’s ability to provide ready-to-use optimization solutions driven by AI, with results from day 1. They liked the idea of a solution that had already done the research to figure out which optimizations drive the most value for e-commerce, letting Culture Kings implement the winning ideas permanently with a simple integration.

Another thing that attracted Culture Kings to DataMilk was the opportunity to bring delightful, responsive new features to their e-commerce customers—optimizations that required significant AI and data engineering expertise. Explaining what differentiated DataMilk from other products on the market, Steve Jiang said, "I think you guys are doing really deep optimizations. I mean, A/B tools are scratching the surface."

Smart Navigation
Mens / Tops
Shop by product
New Arrivals
All Tops
Vintage Tees
Graphic Tees
Short Sleeve Tees
Long Sleeve Tees
Outerwear + Jackets
Puffer Jackets
Smart Sort
7 sold recently
3 viewing now
Smart Social Proof
Smart FOMO

Culture Kings integrated multiple Smart Components from DataMilk. These components use a site’s existing design aesthetic but power certain elements with sophisticated AI and data engineering behind the scenes. The components leverage the browsing behavior of Culture King’s historical and current users to adapt the site’s UX in real-time, delivering a custom experience for each visitor.


Culture Kings wants shoppers to have a delightful, positive shopping experience online, just like they do when they come into one of the company’s physical retail spaces. But with 2,000 collections, 40,000 products, and hundreds of thousands of daily visitors online, giving each visitor a great digital experience isn’t easy, and takes more up-to-date tools and solutions besides manual A/B testing.

Thanks to automated, AI-driven UX using DataMilk, Culture Kings achieved over 7% gross profit uplift to help them hit their growth targets. If you’re curious about how DataMilk can work for you, request a UX report today.

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