Case study

Centauro spent a few minutes of effort and Increased Conversions 11% Using DataMilk

Conversion Rate
Image: Centauro, Facebook

Centauro is Brazil’s largest sporting goods retailer. Through 200+ physical stores and their e-commerce site, they sell more than 40 million items annually. Last year, they generated over $180M in revenue through their e-commerce site alone.As they continue to invest in their digital business, Centauro was looking for opportunities to drive conversions while being mindful of their available engineering resources. DataMilk’s AI-powered UX optimization provided immediate gains that required almost no time from their team.

The challenge
Optimize e-commerce performance while reducing implementation time

Centauro has a strong technical team and a significant footprint as a digital retailer. Though they saw the value in CRO investments, they were hindered by their time to delivery. Building the infrastructure for running their experiments was slow. Much of their effort was spent working out larger issues in their front-end stack to improve their velocity. Given the difficulty of optimizing their UX, they weren’t able to capitalize on all the opportunities they could see. Centauro needed a solution to help them build a better user experience quickly and with minimal effort.

The solution
DataMilk can be integrated in 5 minutes and offers Smart Components that optimize themselves

Datamilk offers a suite of AI-powered Smart Components to improve e-commerce UX performance. It’s simple to set up and allows e-commerce sites to begin improving their UX within minutes.

DataMilk’s various UX components automatically optimize for performance based on each individual shopper’s behavior. There’s no need to continuously tweak variants and try to apply broad solutions to every user. UX elements like Smart Social Proof make the product more appealing and provide momentum to make a purchase. Smart FOMO provides another social signal to overcome buyer hesitation by conveying urgency to popular products.

The results

Centauro was impressed by both the ease of setting up Datamilk on their site and the outsize return they saw in their metrics.

Over the past few months, DataMilk has driven an 11% uplift in Centauro’s conversion and an 8% increase in revenue. Overall, Centauro has seen a 5x ROI from integrating Datamilk.

Beyond their metrics, Centauro is particularly happy about the minimal time their team needs to spend for these results. It took one engineer a few minutes to set up DataMilk and have it running on their store. Judging the effort required on a scale from 1 to 5, Centauro Product Manager Rafa Lomelino said, If there were a zero on the scale, it would be zero. There was basically no work.”

Once it was set up, maintaining their site’s DataMilk integration has required almost no time at all. No engineering time has been needed to work with components. Centauro has access to a dashboard of their performance analytics. Their only ongoing effort is a monthly catch-up call with the Datamilk team to review their partnership and the results.

Centauro is excited to continue working with DataMilk and receiving great results for minimal effort. We have an extra +11% in conversion. We wouldn’t want to miss that.” says Lemolino.

Integrate now, or request a UX report first to see how DataMilk could improve your store’s performance with just minutes of effort.

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