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Leveraging AI to Create Positive Social Change

In a physical store, you can’t rearrange the shelves of the store for each customer. But in the digital world, you can. So why aren’t stores doing that? 

Check out this podcast where CEO and founder, Peter Szalontay, talks about the challenges that e-commerce companies face when it comes to conversion rate optimization (CRO). He shares how DataMilk uses artificial intelligence (AI) to move the “shelf” that the user most likely needs right to their fingertips—automatically and in a privacy-first way. Peter reveals the inside scoop on how CRO was done for Google search, which inspired his work on DataMilk. 

Peter and host Andrew Medal also talk about being multilingual, the differences in the school system between the US and Hungary, and what inspired Peter to become a business leader after studying Mathematics at UCLA.

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