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Every user interaction with your products—whether they scroll past, swipe through, or hesitate—speaks to what they like and dislike.

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More precise predictions

Processing every user interaction with your website, DataMilk’s AI captures every product interest displayed during a shopping session and creates a rich profile of user preferences.
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Protecting privacy

Put customers at ease by cutting out third-party data. Attention data gets consumed in real time and doesn’t use personally identifiable information. You can respect users’ privacy while delivering dynamic, AI-powered predictions.

Always up-to-date

Instead of relying on segmentation or browsing history, which often speaks to completed purchases, attention data provides algorithms with information about a user's focus and needs where it really counts—right now.
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See Attention Data in Action

UX powered by Attention Data

DataMilk provides ready-made UX components that track users’ reactions and suggest relevant content and UI elements.
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