Building e-commerce experiences that are more human

Our founders led the UX optimization team at Google, inspiring us to bring data and AI together with product and design. Now we’re building a platform that makes it easy for brands to launch personalized, real-time shopping experiences.
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Experienced team

Work with a world class team of 40 people and growing, including experts in UX optimization and e-commerce from Google, Meta, and other major platforms.

Influence and impact

Everyone’s voice is valued. We have an open culture where we don’t back-channel and we post everything publicly on Slack. Decisions aren’t made top-down but by weighing the group’s opinions.

Multilingual, multicultural

Our team members come from over 18 countries and speak over 10 languages, and our default working language is English.

Growth outlook

We launched our product in 3 months since inception, have clients and revenue, and are growing at a fast pace. We’re backed by solid investors with strong track records and significant capital.

Fully remote

We have team members on every continent except Australia. Our culture is fast, focused, and flexible.

Meet our leadership team

Peter Szalontay
CEO, Founder

Peter Szalontay is the CEO and Founder of DataMilk. Previously, he was a product manager at Google where he led a team of over 1,000 employees and launched Responsive Search Ads, which used AI-powered UX optimizations to drive billions of dollars of value for Alphabet. Peter is passionate about AI working for the benefit of humanity and knows that the intersection of UX and data science can deliver financial prosperity for customers, teams, and investors. He has a degree in Mathematics from UCLA.
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Cristiano Carvalho
CTO, Founder

Cristiano is DataMilk’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder. Prior to DataMilk, he worked as a software engineer at Google for 10 years where he led teams working on large-scale data problems including local search, driving directions, indexing. He holds a master’s in Independent Component Analysis, a doctorate in Biometrics, and is also an accomplished electrical engineer.
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Misha Lyalin
CRO, Founder

Misha is DataMilk’s co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer. He is an entrepreneur and investor with a successful career leading and building businesses around the world. Previous businesses he founded include global gaming company ZeptoLab; mobile game publisher Reaxion, Zagruzka, a leading content and b2b telecommunication services provider; and a loyalty and payment network with millions of daily active users. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Misha studied Mathematics.
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Our tech stack

DataMilk runs in Google Cloud and takes advantage of many big data and machine learning technologies, including BigTable, BigQuery, and other Google Cloud services. DataMilk processes over 50 million events per day, training ML models and doing statistical analysis at scale. Our models are some of the fastest in the industry with a response time around 25ms.

We constantly check web-vitals signals to make sure no extra latency is added to the end user experience.

Our tech stack is based on Node.js for backend development and we use React, Material UI, and other libraries for the front end. We use a good amount of Python and SQL for data science and machine learning.
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