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DataMilk is an AI tool which autonomously optimizes customer UI for E-Comm customers in order to increase conversions. Founded by ex-Googlers the DataMilk team has over 50 years of data-driven optimization experience. Our aim behind developing this tool, is to help digital store owners build delightful e-store experiences with the power of AI.


Profitable UI decisions, tested and implemented by AI

Peter Szalontay


Peter is a Mathematician and Ex-Googler passionate about data and AI. Peter is adamant that AI is the next frontier - DataMilk only just scratches the surface of its capabilities. Machines are just so much quicker and more precise at calculations than humans. He believes that we must learn to wield the power of AI and direct its energy into creating positive social change.

Cristiano Carvalho


Cristiano is a seasoned Electrical Engineer with a master’s on Independent Component Analysis and a PHD on Biometrics. Cristiano worked at Google for over 10 years as a Senior Software Engineer, accenting large scale problems such as local search, indexing, segmenting info from the web, pathfinder and local search. He has a passion for traveling, especially with good company. While he is not on the road, he likes to spend time coding for fun, studying, watching movies and series and spending time with his family and friends

Diego Fernandes

VP of engineering

Diego is a software engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Science. He has worked at Google for 12 years and was part of different infrastructure projects both as a software engineer and engineering manager. In the past, Diego has put his tutoring skills into practice by teaching computer science in several universities in Brazil. He is passionate about music and keeps his guitar by his side most of the time.

Nedy Udombat


Nedy is a Software Engineer and an Ex-Andelan passionate about building solutions focused on making users' experiences better even if it is by 1%. As AI is the next frontier, Nedy is excited to be working with DataMilk to wield the power of AI and direct its energy into positive directions.


Head of Design

Yura is a head designer with over 15 years of marketing experience. Having previously worked as a creative director for bank “Otkritie” and the lead designer for bank “Tochka”, he has a plethora of “know how” which he is using to improve UI. Not only a designer at heart, but also an explorer, Yuriy enjoys shredding the snow on a snowboard and spending time outdoors.

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