AI Drives Revenue

Data-driven UX decisions for high traffic eCommerce stores.

Trusted by 50+ businesses and 45,000,000+ happy customers

The future of
with AI

Up to 15% conversion rate increase,
with a less than 5-minute integration.

Imagine a world where you have access to a team of world-class software engineers, data scientists and designers working to improve your store’s conversion rate. Welcome to the age of DataMilk.

DataMilk was created by engineers, data scientists and designers with more than 50 years combined in conversion rate optimization at silicon valley tech. We did it for internet giants like Google, now let us optimize your store.

Profitable UI decisions,
suggested, tested and implemented by AI

Profitable UI decisions, tested and implemented by AI

DataMilk analyzes
your users' behavior

We train AI models to mine data for better UX at your store. From simple changes such as button sizes and colors, hiding or highlighting information, to product recommendation and sorting of menus.

100+ UX changes 
automatically launched

DataMilk automatically generates and layers 100+  changes and launches them on your site. You are able to test them and stop them at any moment through our dashboard.

Deliver the right UX
every time

DataMilk observes the performance of each change across core cohorts of users and automatically launches the winning changes. You  get full visibility and control.

Salles Graph

DataMilk increases your store sales by improving the conversion rate

Our AI automatically launches 100+ different optimizations on your store generating up to 15% more conversions and revenue per user.

Let the data drive the decisions
and the AI implement it.

10,000+ developer, data scientist and designer hours executed by DataMilk's AI engine on your store.

Implement a systematic hypothesis-test-result approach to UX

Current solutions ignore the elephant in the room: A/B testing solutions are non-scalable, time consuming and expensive. DataMilk is the perfect supplement for your business whether you have an Conversion Optimization team or not.

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Leverage our AI engine
to increase conversions

Our AI will provide an accurate measurement of your store’s design efficacy recreating the work that would require a dozen Google-level engineers, data scientists and designers working together on your store to deliver an increase in sales.

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Our goal is to enable digital teams to rethink the user experience to unlock higher conversion rates and revenue - always.

AI Conversion Booster helps high-traffic digital stores understand and predict user behavior, find optimization opportunities, and implement them automatically..

During the free trial our AI engine will automatically try to improve your store and display a difference in performance to you. Once it achieves measurable positive performance changes your free trial will end.

Part of your visitors will continue to see the original version of your store - this way DataMilk has a baseline to compare the optimized version and can calculate the increase in conversion rate. DataMilk's changes are not permanent, un-integrating us results in your store fully reverting to its original look.

Up to 1,000x ROI,
only pay after results.

DataMilk analyzes your data and implements experiments for free, payment is only required after proven results.


Medium-sized businesses
up to 250,000 monthly visits

Free then
$9.90 / 1,000 visits

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Monthly cost / 1000 optimized visits. Pay only for what you use and after results are positive


Expanding businesses from 250,000 to 5 million monthly visits

Free then
$8.80 / 1,000 visits

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Monthly cost / 1000 optimized visits. Pay only for what you use and after results are positive


Enterprises or businesses with more than 5 million monthly visits

Free then
$7.70 / 1,000 visits

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Monthly cost / 1000 optimized visits. Pay only for what you use and after results are positive

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